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BAJA DOGS LA PAZ INC: Saving the dogs of La Paz, one dog at a time
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Baja Dogs is so excited about our partnership with Shaklee! When you shop here, Baja Dogs will earn a whopping 19-35%! These additional funds will mean:

  • More dogs vaccinated
  • Spay/Neuter clinics for more dogs (we do mini clinics now as we have funds)
  • More medicine for the dogs (deworming, shampoos for mange, etc.)
  • More food – our BIGGEST expense!

This results in dogs being ready for adoption faster! This makes room for the next dog to be rescued, sterilized, vaccinated, and adopted – cleaning up the streets one dog at a time.

Through our partnership with Shaklee, you don't have to try to find additonal money in your budget to help Baja Dogs. Instead, you can simply re-direct what you already spend elsewhere to a Shaklee product. Not only will you be helping Baja Dogs raise critical funds, but you, your family and even your pets will be getting exceptional products made by Shaklee. In addition, the Shaklee guarantee is unmatched. They guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back with no time limit, even if the bottle is empty! That means there is no risk! Wow, we think that's pretty great! That’s how confident they are in the quality of their products and how sure they are that you will love what they have to offer. Be sure to click on the Why Shaklee tab to learn how this company is different! Here are a few highlights:

  • In 2000 Shaklee was the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral by totally offsetting it's CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment, which is still true today.
  • Shaklee screens for over 350 contaminants, pesticides and impurites on every botanical ingredient. That's beyond organic. Shaklee doesn't hesitate to keep a product off the shelves if a pure ingredient can't be found. 
  • Shaklee products are backed by over 100 published, peer-reviewed scientific papers and presentations that show they make a difference in your health.
  • Shaklee products are used by NASA, the Jacques Cousteau society, Oprah, the Whitehouse and hundreds of Olympians (over over 120 of them are Olympic medal winners). 


Baja Dogs was introduced to the Shaklee fundraising program by one of our adopters and volunteers; Susan Simmons. Susan has been a Shaklee consumer and distributor for almost 30 years and is a certified nutrition advisor. If you have questions about Shaklee products, contact Susan at evergreenwellnesswa@gmail.com or 360-621-6539.